Eagle Ridge Golf Course
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    • Par 72
    • 18 holes
  • eagle-ridge-golf-course_3.jpg
    • Par 72
    • 18 holes
  • eagle-ridge-golf-course_1.jpg
    • Par 72
    • 18 holes
  • eagle-ridge-golf-course_8.jpg
    • Par 72
    • 18 holes
  • eagle-ridge-golf-course_4.jpg
    • Par 72
    • 18 holes
  • eagle-ridge-golf-course_5.jpg
    • Par 72
    • 18 holes
  • eagle-ridge-golf-course_6.jpg
    • Par 72
    • 18 holes
  • eagle-ridge-golf-course_7.jpg
    • Par 72
    • 18 holes


  • $105

    18 Holes for TWO in a Motorised Cart at the Beautiful Eagle Ridge Golf Course!

  • $195

    18 Holes for FOUR in Motorised Carts at the Beautiful Eagle Ridge Golf Course!


It’s a Five Year Freeze on membership. 7 Day Full, 6 Day, Midweek and the 22-25 and 26-36 Categories.


Carrington Park at Eagle Ridge

New members are always welcome at Carrington Park Golf Club

Carrington Park Golf Club is constantly growing in both male and female members. As resident club at Eagle Ridge Golf Course, it is the ideal choice for those looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a great round of golf.  With a busy syllabus, the Club is active in the local golfing community with a diverse membership from the Mornington Peninsula and beyond.

Carrington Park Golf Club at Eagle Ridge offer a wonderful range of golf packages to suit any budget, handicap and lifestyle. Contact us today to find out more or pick up the brochure at the golf desk at Eagle Ridge.

We also have competitions to suit different styles. Our Ladies competition are incredibly fun and friendly day with group Lunches on Wednesday. Our gents enjoy a great yarn after a round. Truly a social event each and every time, inclusive of all genders, players, hackers and slashers, mums, dads and everything inbetween. A diverse age range, Carrington Park Golf Club membership is the perfect way to spend a time with good people, playing a fantastic sport in the great outdoors.

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Membership Options

7 Day Members / Full

  • Walking: $1,625

The ultimate way to get the most out of your golf! Enjoy all that the club and course have to offer every day of the week together with access to all club competitions. 

6 day

  • Walking: $1,345

With this six day package, you can enjoy one of Victoria's finest golf courses Monday - Saturday, enter club competitions plus discounted Sunday golf. 

5 Day / Weekday Membership

  • Walking: $1,185

Ideal for those with busy weekends with unlimited golf every weekday including Club competitions. 


  • Walking: $$110 - $1015

We are committed to ensuring that the next generation of golfers also enjoy the game. This package entitles golfers aged 36 years and under to unlimited golf with a graduated subscription fee plan. 


Age Bracket (Years Old):

10 - 14: $110

15 - 17: $195

18 - 21: $400

22 - 25: $700

26 - 36: $1015


  • Walking: $230

For the golfer that can only play occasionally. The flexi package offers flexibility to fit Eagle Ridge Golf into your lifestyle at a highly discounted rate. Monday - Saturday availability at $35 per round. 


  • Walking: $435

The ideal membership for seasonal visitors to the Mornington Peninsula. Unlimited Golf Monday - Saturday for a three month period. 


  • Walking: $155

If you have been considering joining as a member, but want the chance to try before your buy, this trial package allows you to experience the course and the club for a full month. 

9 Holes 7 Days

  • Walking: $705

Great for golfers who like to enjoy Nine holes of golf whenever they play with all the benefits. 

9 Holes Midweek

  • Walking: $705

Great for golfers who prefer to enjoy Nine holes of golf whenever they play with all the benefits. 


  • Walking: $35

Can't find time to play enough golf to justify a package or simply want to enjoy social aspects of the club? This package with full clubhouse access and other privledges is available for a small fee. 

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